IOC Members Champion Charter Schools

Supporting the ChartersOC Initiative
October 15, 2015
IOC Founding Partner Honored as a Woman of Influence
January 11, 2016

IOC Members Champion Charter Schools

Young Minds in the Balance: Discover how public education is changing in Orange County, who is leading the charge and why community leadership and philanthropic involvement are critical right now.

IOC members and Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy (OC AiP) presented “Young Lives in the Balance” featuring Bill Podlich, Andy Horowitz and Dr. Pamela Lawrence Horowitz. They spoke about charter schools as a proven way to help those most at-risk in Orange County’s failing schools. Discover how these nationally recognized visionaries are leading a coalition of parents, teachers, philanthropists and government officials to rewrite the story for children’s education in Orange County, especially those most at-risk in failing schools, and why they need you (and your clients) to join the fight.

We invite you to view a brief video filmed the day of the program:

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