IOC Mentees

  • IOC is proud to mentor the Ednovate team, supporting their expansion plan. Ednovate mission is to educate students who will use their college degrees and careers to enact Positive Multigenerational Change in their communities, nation, and world. Teachers incorporate year­long themes into their courses to help students understand themselves and the world they want to live in, preparing them to create a Positive Multigenerational Change. 9th Grade: Know Yourself 10th Grade: Know Your Community 11th Grade: Know Your Nation 12th Grade: Know Your World After graduating, students entering college have a deeply personal purpose for being there, and are positioned […]
  • The Portal’s mission is to develop students into successful entrepreneurs through experiential learning and real world practice. Our exclusive, paid internship program offers members the opportunity to work with real companies, build valuable business and technical skills, and interact with teams of like-minded individuals in a casual start-up environment. Graduates of the program are guaranteed to receive exciting job opportunities at start-ups and established companies, as well as business mentorship if the graduate desires to start their own company. Our current members are able to take advantage of a wide array of entrepreneurial experiences, from designing and creating professional web […]
  • IOC is proud to mentor Ripple Kids, supporting business plan development, website enhancements and exit strategy. Ripple Kids mission is to inspire and empower kids to take action in their community by publicizing the success of their peers. The name comes from the idea that if one kid does something positive in her community, it will inspire someone else to do something, and so on and so on and so on. It’s the ripple effect caused by one kid — a ‘Ripple Kid’ —taking action.
  • Over the last 30 years, The Prentice School has held true to its mission of empowering bright children with learning differences to fulfill their potential as students and citizens. Our highly qualified and compassionate faculty uses research-proven teaching strategies geared toward each student’s unique talents, strengths and needs. Students of The Prentice School cultivate academic and social success through our specialized intervention curriculum in a safe and nurturing learning environment.
  • IOC is proud to mentor the AppJam+ team, supporting strategic business plan development and future scalability. AppJam+ is a program in which the concept of building software in a short period of time is used as a tool to excite and inform middle school students about STEM fields while teaching them the creative and hands on technical process of mobile application development & exposing them to careers in STEM. Middle school students receive mentorship from college undergraduates and learn to make Mobile apps which will be utilized by early learners.