April 1, 2016
Ripple Kids
March 15, 2016

IOC is proud to mentor The Portal team supporting strategic business plan development, self sustainability and future scalability.  

The Portal’s mission is to develop students into successful entrepreneurs through experiential learning and real world practice. Our exclusive, paid internship program offers members the opportunity to work with real companies, build valuable business and technical skills, and interact with teams of like-minded individuals in a casual start-up environment. Graduates of the program are guaranteed to receive exciting job opportunities at start-ups and established companies, as well as business mentorship if the graduate desires to start their own company.

Our current members are able to take advantage of a wide array of entrepreneurial experiences, from designing and creating professional web and mobile applications to providing accounting andconsulting services. We seek ambitious individuals who have a hunger to learn and a desire to chase their dreams. Enter the Portal today to gain exclusive access to quality resources that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Portal is a non-profit initiative founded by the Beall Family Foundation and K5 Ventures.