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March 12, 2014
Andrew Horowitz
March 12, 2014

Pamela Horowitz

Pamela Lawrence (MD) Horowitz has been an Orange County resident since moving with her family from New York City in 1982. Most of her career has been in the health care arena. As a Clinical Professor of Medicine on the UC Irvine faculty at the School of Medicine, she practiced and taught clinical Internal Medicine to both medical students and medical residents. Having retired from UCI, she is currently a volunteer physician and member of the Board of Directors of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic.

In 2005 Pam and her husband Andy, became founding members of a new chapter of Social Venture Partners in Los Angeles (LASVP). Education, specifically charter schools, was selected as LASVP’s first project. Over time, Pam’s attention turned to more local Orange County projects within the area of education. Most recently, Andy and Pam have been involved with Charters OC, the first project of Innovators OC. The goal is to attract proven, high quality Charter Schools to areas of Orange County that have a record of failing schools over several years.

Other areas of engagement include Impact Giving, MIND Research Institute, UCI Emeriti Executive Board, AAUW, Laguna Beach Hikers, and a Book Group, among others.

Pam and Andy raised three children in Irvine, CA before moving to Laguna Beach and they are enjoying their three grandchildren who all live in the Orange County/LA area.

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