Supporting the ChartersOC Initiative

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October 2, 2015
IOC Members Champion Charter Schools
October 30, 2015

Supporting the ChartersOC Initiative

Innovators in Our Community (IOC) and California Charter Schools Association announced a unique partnership on November 7, 2014, to increase the development of additional high-performing and high quality schools in our local orange county communities – ChartersOC. Together these two amazing organizations are working to support the ChartersOC Initiative.

How IOC and CCSA Support ChartersOC

IOC spearheaded a funding campaign starting at the end of 2014 and extending throughout 2015 that raised more than $150,000 for CCSA to hire an independent consultant to support the work of the IOC-CCSA ChartersOC initiative.  These funds were used to provide:

  • Assistance with the development of high quality charter petitions that meet legal requirements for approval at the local school district or on appeal at the county level
  • Strategic leadership focused on transforming education in Orange County
  • Accelerate community awareness of the need for the development of high quality charter schools
  • Development of a strong charter school support structure

Community Success in the First Year of Charters OC

Over the past 5 years, Orange County has averaged 1 new charter school per year. After one year in operation, ChartersOC can report:

  • 3 new charter schools have opened in 2015
  • 5 charter schools are in the pipeline to open in 2016
  • 8 additional groups are considering development of charters in the near future

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